Gary W. Wolfe is one of Missoula's top Bankruptcy Attorneys!

EXPERIENCED LAWYER .....Gary W. Wolfe is an experienced Bankruptcy attorney, practicing law in Missoula and Western Montana since 1982. His law offices at Sol and Wolfe Law Firm are located in Missoula in the historical Montana Building.

AFFORDABLE LAWYER.....Gary's experience brings efficiency to the table, so you don't have to pay for any extra hours!  Your case will be handled in a timely, most efficient manner possible so you can get the results and relief you need at an affordable price.

DEDICATED ATTORNEY....Gary is dedicated to helping Montanans protect their rights & their assets. He will help you understand your rights and the legal avenues that are available to you for the best possible outcome.

Bankruptcy Law is complicated and it is very important to hire an experienced attorney who practices bankruptcy law full time in the same state you file in. If you live in Missoula or in Western Montana, and you need professional legal advice from an experienced, affordable bankruptcy lawyer, then you should call and set up a free initial consultation with Gary Wolfe, Bankruptcy Attorney in Missoula MT. Out of all the bankruptcy attorneys in Missoula, Gary is one of the top bankruptcy lawyers!